My super-power is taking your information, organizing it, and then crafting beautiful layouts that makes sense.  I am currently accepting remote clients and local to Nashville.

I have been working on print content since 1991 or even earlier than that, if you count that paper on wombats that I decided to lay out in PageMaker in the 5th grade.  I design books, magazines, ad materials, invitations and branding items.  I've worked with clients like McSweeney's Quarterly, non-profits like Jane Goodall's The Whole Child Initiative, and folks in higher education like the Church Divinity School for the Pacific.

I would love to meet you in person to discuss ways I can take design work off of your plate and take it up a notch.

Design Process

I like to discuss the job and the general design needs you have. We can then set up a working schedule together. Edits can be turned around in 48 hours or less and yes, I do work on the weekend on request. I tend to work with Dropbox even if you're a local client as it is a nice way to post drafts (usually PDFs) and edits in a consistent and easy to use way.



I work a lot with nonprofits and small businesses, so I’m always willing to work within your project budget.  That being said, my base hourly fee is $75 an hour.  A postcard will likely take 2-3 hours.  A simple logo redesign is between 3-5 hours.  A small book is probably about 4-6 hours and a larger magazine or newsletter is likely to run around 10 hours.  A lot of my clients get have fixed budgets so I’m happy to set a price for a job and work within that amount.  This has worked well for a lot of my clients.